VIRTUAL TRAINING – Getting the Most Out of Your Team


As a leader, your job is to achieve some kind of goal, or reach some kind of target, all by encouraging your team to do their best work. In my one-hour virtual training program, you will learn how to get the most out of your team.

Finding ways to get the most out of staff is a constant struggle for business owners and managers who are constantly told different things and given different information. One minute it’s a good idea to incentivize staff with potential bonuses, perks, and rewards, the next that same advice is apparently wrong. How do you know what to believe and what do you do for best? And why is there so much disagreement in the first place?

I am going to show you how to effectively: 

Motivating Your Team

At this point, you have a team that is happy to work and that feels safe and protected doing so. But we still haven’t honed in on precisely how you motivate them to actually get down to it. The answer to that little puzzle then is to give your team ownership over the work that they do. That means to let your team make decisions about how they’re going to work, what they’re going to focus on, and even what it might end up looking like. You can even let them create their own projects.

This means giving them the freedom to experiment and a sense of ownership.

Protect Your Team

If stress can dampen creativity and prevent your team from producing their best work, the logical alternative is to reduce stress for your team as much as you possibly can.

How To Stay Calm As a Leader

What do you do when you lose your biggest client and you think that your company is going to no longer be able to afford to employ everyone? What do you do when your family is in debt and you need to tell them that you have to downsize your home?

The single and most important job as a leader is to remain calm. Remember: you are protecting your team and taking the hits so that they can do their best work in a safe environment.



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