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Intense, boisterous, imaginative. Mark is an innovative force across the companies he has the privilege of helping. He helps companies develop leading brands using his tech experience combined with his brand strategy, consumer behavior, and creative skills so they become the leaders the world needs. Mark’s clients appreciate his creativity, positivity, strategic, results-obsessed, and solution-minded approach. A powerhouse of passion, vision, and purpose, Mark embodies the spirit and energy that can shape your confidence and life. Whether you own a business, work for a company, or building a personal brand for life, Mark’s programs “The Power Of Being BOLD”, “Power Is Not A Dirty Word!”, and “Train For Something” is exactly what you need to be successful.

An accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and one of the foremost experts on brand experience today, Mark speaks to audiences around the world and works with leading organizations to better compete in today’s disruptive marketplace.

Mark is an astute and visionary thinker that brings 25 years of leadership experience focused on challenging conventional thinking. He’s an author of HABITS | Strategies for Success Habit Formation: Old Habits. New Habits. His book is a short yet powerful read of only 55 pages of value-driven strategies to change your good or bad habits, plus Mark includes a free 21-day habit change challenge to help you become your best self.

Mark is also the host of a weekly video podcast called Going Beyond The Post, where he brings the world’s most influential keynote speakers, authors, and business experts to share their stories, collaborate on ideas, give expert advice, and inspire you.

As a leader, a parent, and a community member, Mark strives on a daily basis to demonstrate how we can make a difference with the seemingly “little” decisions he makes every day.

“I believe my approach snowballs into a spirit of greatness. I strive daily to be a model of courage and commitment. I truly believe that our mind is a powerful thing, and our thoughts have the ability to affect our performance in every area of life. In fact, our life cannot go forward if our mind is going backward!”
– Mark Allan Powers



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